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Septic Fizzytabs

The Effervescent Septic System Treatment

Septic Fizzytabs - Effervescent Septic Treatment Tablets are a powerful septic system treatment in an easy-to-use effervescent tablet.

Simply drop one Septic Fizzytabs Septic Treatment Tablet into a toilet bowl, allow a few minutes for the tablet to dissolve and flush.

It's that simple!

Septic Fizzytabs natural bacteria will go right to work digesting grease and other wastes to help ensure a properly working septic system. Drain line buildup, Grease accumulation, Septic Odor, Septic Fizzytabs help prevent and cure these and other Septic Problems.

Septic Fizzytabs:

  • Digest Grease & Other Problem Wastes
  • Reduce Septic Odor
  • Clean & Maintain Drain Lines
  • Natural, Organic Formula


Septic Fizzytabs Availabilty:

  • Septic Fizzytabs 12 Tablet (1 Year Residential Supply)
  • Septic Fizzytabs 36 Tablet (3 Year Residential Supply)
  • Septic Fizzytabs 60 Tablet (5 Year Residential Supply)
  • Bulk: 12 Tablet Sheets / 40 per case (480 Tablets); Available Blank or with CustomBio Logo


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