Bioremediation Bacteria

Custom Biologicals offers a complete line of Bioremediation Products containing our signature blends of natural, safe and powerful bioremediation bacteria.

Our Exclusive Line of Technical Concentrates translate into easier handling, lower freight, and reduced maintenance costs.

For Oil / Water Separators and other water bioremediation projects, be sure to check our Custom HC tablets. These slow release bacteria tablets eliminate the need for daily dosing.

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Bioremediation Bacteria Products

  • Custom HC Tablets
  • Custom HC Ready-to-Use
  • Custom HC Concentrate

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Bioremediation Applications

  • Oil Spill Bioremediation
  • Oil / Water Separator Bioremediation
  • Soil Bioremediation
  • Water Bioremediation
  • Wastewater Bioremediation



Bioremediation is the use of microorganisms to degrade environmental contaminates in soil and water.  This cost-effective process exploits the ability of certain microorganisms to convert contaminants into harmless end products like carbon dioxide and water.  The ability to efficiently transform hazardous hydrocarbons into harmless end products in situ has made bioremediation a preferred technique for treating hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and water.  The bioremediation process can be greatly accelerated by adding large numbers of specialized hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms to contaminated sites in a process known as bioaugmentation.


Petroleum hydrocarbons, such as gasoline and oil, play an indispensible role in modern life, but their widespread use and availability has lead to the production of hydrocarbon waste and environmental contamination.  Many hydrocarbons, including those found in gasoline, can have potentially serious impacts on human health.  As a result, governments commonly mandate the safe disposal of hydrocarbon wastes and cleanup of contaminated areas.


Custom HC is a live blend of natural bacteria specifically chosen for their ability to metabolize hydrocarbons and treat environmental contamination.  Custom HC degrades a wide range of hydrocarbon compounds including:  crude oil, gasoline, diesel and jet fuels, motor oil, lubricating oil, heating oil and paraffin.  Custom HC effectively degrades BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) contamination and other aromatic compounds, like phenol, found in industrial wastes.


  • Contaminated soil:  in situ or ex situ, landfarming
  • Contaminated groundwater:  direct injection, pump & treat
  • Contaminated surface waters:  fresh, brine and salt water
  • Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Oil/water separators
  • Industrial lagoons

Benefits of Custom HC

  • Degrades hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water
  • Reduces Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) and BTEX contamination
  • Reduces waste disposal expenses and wastewater treatment surcharges
  • Reduces pumping of oil/water separators
  • Safe, effective and natural



Custom HC is available in an 8 ounce liquid concentrate or as a slow release tablet.  One bottle of liquid concentrate treats 55 cubic yards of contaminated soil or 2,200 cubic yards of water.  Slow release tablets simplify the continuous addition of Custom HC and are commonly used to reduce hydrocarbon concentrations in oil/water separators.


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