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  • Mop'n Treat Unique Effervescent Septic Treatment Tablets.
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  • Wastewater Treatment Custom Biologicals offers Wastewater Treatment Products for Domestic and Industrial Applications. Our Signature Line of Technical Concentrates translate into easier handling, lower freight, and reduced maintenance costs. Read More
  • Bioremediation Products Custom Biologicals offers a complete line of Bioremediation Products. Technical Concentrates offer easier handling and reduced costs. Slow release tablets are perfect for Oil / Water Separator Maintenance. Read More
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CustomBio Bacteria Concentrates are perfect for local repackaging, reformulation, or direct use.


Effervescent bacteria tablets offer a simple, easy to use dispensing solution.

Slow Release Tabs

Slow Release Tablets

Slow Release Tabs give constant bacteria dosing without expensive equipment.


Ready-to-Use Quarts, Gallons, Pails or Drums. CustomBio or Private Label Branding.

Custom Biologicals - Bacteria in Action!

Custom Biologicals, Inc.
is a primary producer of innovative biological products. 

Using proprietary biotechnologies, CustomBio produces natural bacteria and fungi for a variety of environmental and agriculture applications.

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Effervescent Tablets  • Concentrates  •  Slow Release Tablets  •  Ready-to-Use

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Consumer Products: Septic Treatments, Grease Trap Treatments, Drain Cleaners, Odor Control

Institutional Products: Drain Cleaners, Grease Trap Treatments, Odor Control, Car Wash Odor Control, Oil/ Water Separator Treatments

Wastewater Treatment: Lift Stations, Domestic Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater

Bioremediation: Soil Bioremediation, Water & Ground Water Bioremediation 

Agriculture: Soil Amendments and Probiotics, Aquaculture Probiotics 



Wastewater Treatment
Lift stations, Sewer lines, Lagoons,Food Processing Wastewater Treatment Plants


Oil Field
Hydrocarbon Remediation
Paraffin Control
MEOR ( Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery)

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